Video Rough Cuts #1

I’ve just started doing a series of videos of Praxis LIVE in action. These rough cuts are unedited except for addition of titles, and are straight screencasts without voiceover. At some point in the near future I’ll look at doing a promo and some tutorials, and more in this series too.

Hint: These are all HD, so better watched fullscreen on YouTube itself.

Audio & GUI Builder

Demonstrating the audio graph editor and the custom GUI builder

Audio & Visual Live Coding

Demonstrating passing audio levels to a video patch and a live-coded custom component (using Processing syntax).

NB. Audio breaks up a bit on this one – that’s a problem in the capture software, not Praxis.

Webcam & Live GLSL Coding

Demonstrating passing a webcam feed through a live-coded OpenGL (GLSL) filter.

NB. This only works in the OpenGL pipeline … obviously! đŸ™‚

Video Rotation & Blob Tracking

Demonstrating a low-resolution, low-framerate webcam doing blob tracking to rotate a higher-resolution, higher-framerate video.


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