Praxis LIVE v3 : Cyber-physical coding on the JVM

A few weeks ago I had the joy of presenting a short paper on Praxis LIVE at the International Conference on Live Coding at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada. While acting as an introduction to Praxis LIVE, the paper covered a few of the new features in v3 (finally released last week!).


One of the highlights of the conference for me was Andrew Sorensen’s keynote on The Art and Science of Livecoding. Andrew’s Extempore programming environment and his thoughts on cyber-physical programming have partly influenced recent developments in Praxis LIVE (I say “partly” because this was already the direction of flow! 🙂 ) As someone long interested in the interactions between arts, science and technology, it was great to see examples of these ideas in use in fields like physics and astronomy as well as audio and video.

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Praxis LIVE v2

So, after months of development (and not much blogging!), Praxis LIVE v2 is finally released into the world.  And after some radical changes in its underlying architecture, Praxis LIVE is now getting much closer to my original vision of a hybrid visual IDE for creative coding.

Hello World PL2

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JAudioLibs AudioServers – a PortAudio-esque Java API

The JAudioLibs’ AudioServer API is a Java library loosely inspired by PortAudio. It was initially designed early in the development of Praxis LIVE in order to provide a common callback-based interface for working with low-latency audio. This API has since found its way into a variety of other projects, primarily by people wanting to use the JACK Audio Connection Kit from Java (JAudioLibs’ JNAJack was developed at the same time). Using the AudioServer API provides an application the ability to switch easily between JavaSound and JACK at runtime. It can also make working just with JavaSound a little easier.

Praxis LIVE & JACK

Praxis LIVE & Hydrogen linked through JACK

For some time I have been considering how to extend the AudioServer API to improve runtime service discovery, provide better access to features of the underlying audio libraries, and make it easier for people to contribute new implementations. A recent email from Ollie Bown, developer of the excellent Beads audio library, prompted me to spend some time over the last week trying to finish this work (the development version of Beads has been using this API for some time).

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New year, new Praxis LIVE

A (slightly belated) Happy New Year to you all, and news of a new Praxis LIVE release.  Just squeaking in during the final fanfare of 2012 was Praxis LIVE build:121231, bringing some major work on the video pipeline, some nice UI improvements, dynamic component support, and the start of a TinkerForge binding (see video below).

Downloads –
Release notes –

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