Praxis LIVE – development update Oct 2012

Well, if you’ve been following this blog you might be forgiven for thinking that Praxis LIVE development has stalled over the last few months!  This is actually far from the truth, but it’s also been a busy few months in other ways so updating here has taken a bit of a back seat.

Praxis LIVE manual (first draft)

Well, finally I got around to writing a manual.  No need to fumble around in the dark any longer! 🙂  It’s not fully comprehensive yet, but hopefully covers the fundamentals needed to get developing things with the Praxis framework.  Comments and corrections appreciated!  Note that the manual doesn’t cover individual components – these are documented in the help browser within Praxis LIVE itself.

It’s available from the main download page.

Praxis LIVE build:120912

A rather belated note that last month saw the release of Praxis LIVE build:120912release notes here.  This is primarily a bug-fix release, though with a few useful new features.  It was released prior to me breaking the build for a while as I update some key aspects of the architecture.

This release saw the return of the Praxis command line player, now included as part of the Praxis LIVE install, and some other work preparing for the ability to distribute projects in a stand-alone form.

Experimental .deb release

I recently spent a lovely day exploring the wonders of building Debian packages! 🙂  Well, there is now an experimental .deb release of Praxis LIVE available from the download page.  It should work on any Debian / Ubuntu derived distro, and it’s likely that this will be the preferred Linux installation method in future – had a few issues with the standard NetBeans platform installer recently.

At some point I’ll write a short post on how it’s built.

Stand-alone harness

I also recently released the first version of a harness to allow Praxis LIVE projects to be distributed as stand-alone executables.  This is based on the NetBeans runtime container, which provides the base module system and launchers.  The build process is currently manual, but fairly simple and documented.  A wizard to automate this process will be added to a future Praxis LIVE release.

Make sure to note the guidelines about setting .exit-on-stop on one or more of your root components to true, or the Praxis framework will continue running even when all your windows have been closed!

Coming soon

I have a range of things planned over the next few months, including improving the OpenGL pipeline (time to remove the “highly experimental” tag!), new features in the audio code (some of which is available separately at JAudioLibs, and being picked up by other projects), updating to NetBeans platform 7.2 (mostly done), and improved editing for live coding Java / GLSL.

Oh, and a binding for my new favourite toys from TinkerForge.

Until next time …


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