Praxis LIVE – development update Oct 2012

Well, if you’ve been following this blog you might be forgiven for thinking that Praxis LIVE development has stalled over the last few months!¬† This is actually far from the truth, but it’s also been a busy few months in other ways so updating here has taken a bit of a back seat. Continue reading


Video Rough Cuts #1

I’ve just started doing a series of videos of Praxis LIVE in action. These rough cuts are unedited except for addition of titles, and are straight screencasts without voiceover. At some point in the near future I’ll look at doing a promo and some tutorials, and more in this series too. Continue reading

The Influence of the Actor Model (Praxis architecture 101)

No, not a post about my salacious exploits with a C-list Hollywood celebrity (that’s for a different blog ūüôā ), but a technical overview of a key aspect of the Praxis architecture. Absolutely essential to Praxis’ media neutral architecture, as well as the ability to edit everything live, is an asynchronous, shared-nothing, message-passing system. This is loosely inspired by the Actor Model and other solutions for concurrent / distributed programming (without following any particular concept to the letter). Continue reading

NPE Hunting (Win7, Java7, custom LAF)

I recently had to track down the cause of a NullPointerException when opening a JFileChooser dialog in Praxis on Windows with Java 7.¬† Turns out there’s a nasty little bug that affects NetBeans platform apps and the NetBeans IDE when using a custom look-and-feel or switching look-and-feel at runtime (it affects the ez-on-da-ice plugin too). Continue reading

Praxis LIVE build:120430

A new release of Praxis LIVE is now available for download from the usual place. This is primarily a bug-fix release, with a few interface improvements, though there has been some substantial work going on recently that will see more exposure later. This release brings the slider-style property editors mentioned in an earlier post, and fixes issues with audio:sampling:looper, core:timing:animator, OpenGL full-screen, and a range of other niggles.  Read the full release notes here.

Continue reading