Moving 4-ward

The first full release of PraxisLIVE v4 happened earlier this week, and while you might immediately notice some UI improvements (bezier curves in the graph editor caused some excitement!), the primary focus of this release is on the restructuring and relicensing of the PraxisCORE runtime.  Now available under LGPL, PraxisCORE provides a general purpose runtime for cyberphysical programming (real-time coding of real-time systems) in Java.


I’ve been lucky to be in the position to devote a lot more time to PraxisLIVE over the last 6-9 months.  Some of the focus has been looking into wider uses of the runtime included in PraxisLIVE.  That runtime is based on a variation of the actor model.  PraxisCORE is designed from the ground up for the needs of real-time low-latency data processing, and hot code replacement / live patching of code fragments doing real-time processing, all without stopping or glitching.  Combining PraxisCORE with the PraxisLIVE IDE allows us to bring some key benefits of Smalltalk and Erlang into the Java ecosystem.

Or, as per the title of my keynote at JDD last year – Write Now, Run Anytime.  You can see PraxisLIVE in (fun!) action, as well as some technical details on PraxisCORE around 25′ on.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be updating the web infrastructure for PraxisCORE and PraxisLIVE.  This will include replacing this blog (link will follow), so I thought I’d better post something here!  Keep in touch, join the conversation, or download & play, via


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