New year, new Praxis LIVE

A (slightly belated) Happy New Year to you all, and news of a new Praxis LIVE release.  Just squeaking in during the final fanfare of 2012 was Praxis LIVE build:121231, bringing some major work on the video pipeline, some nice UI improvements, dynamic component support, and the start of a TinkerForge binding (see video below).

Downloads –
Release notes –

This release sees the underlying NetBeans platform updated to version 7.2, and some changes to distribution. The Windows installer now includes the GStreamer plugin by default, allowing for out-of-the-box video capture and playback support.  The default Linux installer is now a .deb file, which works more robustly than the shell installer.  Users with RPM-based distros could try alien (the .deb should convert easily – let me know how you get on), or use the Zip distribution for un-installed usage.

Tinkering with Praxis LIVE

Somewhat hidden away in the current release is the start of support for working with TinkerForge components – an excellent way for doing physical computing with Praxis LIVE.  There are currently bindings for the components from the starter kit.  Further support is awaiting the imminent release of the new v2 TinkerForge protocol, as well as some willing testers (or generous people who feel like providing me with additional components! 😉 )

A big thumbs up to Geertjan Wielenga for blogging about these initially!

Here you can see –

  • Using an IR distance sensor to control a Sine tone (simple theremin!) and LCD screen.
  • Using a rotary knob to control parameters in a live-coded GLSL shader.
  • Basic usage – connecting and controlling a rotary knob and LCD screen.

On to 2013

The Watchfulness of Justice

Digital Prisoners – The Watchfulness of Justice – Oxford Town Hall

2012 was a good year for Praxis LIVE development.  It’s great to have other people creating stuff with it and making suggestions for what they’d like it to do.  I also enjoyed getting out and about demoing and talking – more suggestions or invitations to talk definitely welcomed!

This year also saw a new artistic collaboration for me with dance artist and film-maker Naomi Morris – Digital Prisoners (we’ll get a full website soon!).  Here you can see an image of us using Praxis LIVE to projection map onto an ornate stone fireplace in Oxford Town Hall – ghostly faces appeared in the smoke and followed you around the room as you moved!  It’s projects like these that currently support my development of Praxis LIVE, though 2013 will definitely see me look to expand the way development is supported.  It will, however, always remain free to use.  Have fun! 🙂


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