Praxis LIVE build:120430

A new release of Praxis LIVE is now available for download from the usual place. This is primarily a bug-fix release, with a few interface improvements, though there has been some substantial work going on recently that will see more exposure later. This release brings the slider-style property editors mentioned in an earlier post, and fixes issues with audio:sampling:looper, core:timing:animator, OpenGL full-screen, and a range of other niggles.  Read the full release notes here.

Testing, testing, testing …

One thing you will notice if you enable Show test components in palette from the Options window is a range of new components that were added for a recent commission. These include various components for video analysis such as background difference and blob tracking; various routing (send / inhibitor) and math (normalizer) components; and a component for calculating audio level (great for hooking up to the new send component and sending to a parameter in your video patch!).  As always, test components are not guaranteed to remain compatible from release to release.  They will be out of test status soon, but probably with slightly different interfaces.

Here you can see the new blob tracker in action (with the debug setting turned on so you can see the blobs), as well as a rough example of how to use it.  Capture your background image in a snapshot component, route that and the live image through a video:test:analysis:difference component set to threshold mode (and the threshold higher than 0!), optionally blur, and then into the blob tracker.  Connect it to anything you want to control.

Plugins, what plugins???

The eagle-eyed might notice that the plugin manager has been enabled in the Tools menu.  This isn’t as exciting as it sounds (yet!) as there aren’t any plugins. 🙂  However, a few things are in the pipeline, and I’m working hard to get the audio & video API’s into a fit state for third-party plugins to be a possibility (I’ve already had a few questions about this).

Oh, what a year!

Development of Praxis LIVE began in earnest a year ago now (I might have to eat cake, though draw the line at singing Happy Birthday! 🙂 ).  I’m really happy with where it’s got to so far, though still have an ever-growing notebook full of ideas for new things.  However, this year is also going to be very focused on “getting it out there”.  So, if you’re interested in developing things with Praxis and need support, or a new killer feature, please do drop me a line – either on the mailing list, through my contact form, or start following Praxis on Google+.


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