Praxis LIVE EA:111130

A third early-access build of Praxis LIVE is now available for download from  This release includes the start of OpenGL support (based on LWJGL, with a bit of code “borrowed” from libGDX), a new Settings API, and improvements to the Projects system, as well as a range of smaller improvements and bug fixes.

A first beta release is planned for (hopefully!) the end of the year, bringing graphical editing of control panels (GUIs) and MIDI bindings, improved OpenGL support, a range of new audio, video & control components, and improved documentation.  Features planned that may not make it into the first beta, though work has started, include support for live-coding GLSL video effects, and the ability to export Praxis LIVE projects as standalone applications.

Read the full release notes.

The most exciting bit for me is finally getting into implementing the OpenGL renderer. Above you can see a live webcam image of yours truly disintegrating into over 10,000 particles using the OpenGL pipeline. The particle code is live-compiled Java inside a code component, all editable on the fly and using a subset of the Processing API. Once more ops are hardware accelerated and it’s possible to get live-compiled GLSL shaders in there too, this could get fun! 🙂

Blogging has kind of given way to coding in the last couple of months – more blogging is planned as I head towards beta … honest!


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